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Luveedu Partner Program is a affiliate business program helps companies and businesses to tie up with Luveedu.

We have to deal thousands of customers daily and, we create different types of websites, projects for them and to do all the things we need third-party service providers. We would like to partner with the preferred partner in the market to easily provide the needed service to our clients and in this way our clients get the best service out of the box and our partners get registered and verified customers as per their service category.


Common FAQs.

These are the questions asked by our Partners during any Profile Setup, So you can check them out now.

Fill up the Form then Our team will email in your work email to verify whether you want to really partner with us and then we will list your service.

Monthly we complete more then 200+ projects. And we get more than 60+ projects per month for setup and needed service projects, so it will be beneficial for partners.

As an Example: If we get any project for website designing then we will discuss about the website hosting with the client and if the client really wants a good hosting service then we will suggest them to use our hosting categorized partner’s service. And in this way we will send potential customers directly to the Partners.

Luveedu Partner Service is quite beneficial than Ads, Because You don’t have to waste your money whether you will get any user or not, especially in IT Sector. Because You can run ads all the time but only 1 out of 10 user will Join Your service. So Partner Service is very special and beneficial, Because you will get constant users and you have to pay only for the user get.

We have categorized our Affiliate Rates..

Hosting companies: 11% of the user deposited per month.

Domain Companies: 7% of the user deposited per Year.

Security Companies: 11% of the user deposited per month.

Other Companies: 13% of the user deposited per month.

*These are standard rates but the Final rates may defer based on the service quality and others.

You can apply now but it will take upto 10 days to verify your business and then you will be able to do the rest.

Yes, Definitely You can revoke your partner deal anytime but you have to clear all your dues in Partner Portal. Otherwise as per our Partner Program Policy You have to pay a compensation of up to 100,000$

As a Partner You will get as low as 2 projects  or users / day. We will suggest about your partner service and if they really wants to join then We will also share a tracking link which they will use to go and purchase plans in your site.

Luveedu Partners will get a Partner Portal from where they can easily check how many users redirect to their site using our tracking link and also Partners have to Give us a Affiliate Link and Affiliate Dashboard, from where our team can daily check every details and manage our affiliate bonus.