Refund Policy

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Last Updated: 22 / 02 / 2023

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All these policies are based on real time policy modification by Luveedu. Only applies at This Policy only adhere to the Paying Customers and Clients.

Return Policy >

We will not apply or assign any refund if the conditions doesn’t match.

  1. If the customer purchased any service and not 80% satisfied with the service.
  2. If our developers can’t complete any project before the due date.
  3. If the service isn’t working or not mentioned before purchasing.

Refund Policy won’t work in SEO, Setup and Other projects which are purchased under 299₹.

We will not process any refund if your made something wrong after completing. 

After Completing any Project we will check several times and also ask you to check everything properly and then we will send you half invoice. And after completing the project refund is not possible. We will only provide support not refund or any return.

These rules are main, please don’t follow anywhere if mentioned. Rules only be found in